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DELTA carries the highest quality fasteners in both standard and long-life. Long-life screws are an excellent choice for all roof applications and offer superior performance over the life of the roof. Standard screws are best used on wall applications and provide a clean economical finish.


Tube sealant is designed for a wide variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, and concrete. Acrylic is a multipurpose sealant designed for exterior applications such as gutters, skylights, or window frames. Acrylic can withstand prolonged water immersion. It is available in several colors.



Cobra-Vent is a ventilated closure made of specially formulated polyester that fits under the ridge cap and adapts to most roof panel profiles. Pests and debris remain out, while still allowing air to circulate. It is a long-term solution that offers cooling air flow, lower expenses, and reduces damage created by poor ventilation.


DELTA offers a variety of insulation typically used in the metal building industry.  Insulation provides protection from mold and mildew, and helps control temperature for commercial, industrial, and residential structures. 


Butyl Tape is a 100% solid and asbestos free sealant. Applications include metal roof end laps, side laps, vents, gutters, pipe flashings, and skylights. Service temperature range is -40°F to 180°F allowing the material not to become brittle or crack.


Made to withstand severe weather conditions, closures fill gaps in roof and sidewall applications. The material is cut to fit a wide variety of metal panel profiles. Functions include covering gaps under ridge caps or at eaves and gutters. 



Our translucent fiberglass reinforced skylights allow natural light into your space. Our panels are available in various profiles to fit most panel applications. This product is made of general purpose resin combined with random chopped fiberglass for reinforcement. They are a good economic solution to meet your daylighting needs.



 DELTA provides a full selection of hollow metal doors, frames, and windows. Doors are completely reversible and are available in a variety of jamb sizes. We also provide a large selection of door hardware such as panics, closers, and more. Windows are available in both insulated and non-insulated options, and come in bronze and mill finish.



For a low profile appearance, open-end blind rivets are used to join two thin pieces of metal. Applications include downspouts, gutters, ridge caps, and more. Rivets are available to match all colors of metal roof and trim.



Emseal encloses areas (such as hips, valleys, ridges, etc.) that don't require ventilation. When installed, it expands to fill and seal off gaps from debris, moisture, and other environmental factors. Emseal is compatible with the majority of panels. 


Roof Jacks are constructed with a rubber sleeve that fits tightly over the vent pipe. They serve as a cover for the venting duct pipes from bathroom and kitchen fans as well as for attic ventilation. High-heat and retro-fit (for electric service masts) versions are available. Various sizes are available.

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Touch-up paint is available in all standard colors, and is recommended for minor scratch cover only. It features Acrylic enamel, and is available in aerosol spray can, touch-up pen, or brush.

DELTA Consolidated LLC can also provide hard to find accessories and products. If you do not see an accessory you require, please call or stop by our office for assistance.

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