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Residential metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement – more than quadrupling its market share over the past decade. The benefits offered by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value. While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide the following lasting benefits:​

  • Proven performance expectation of 50+ years

  • Beautiful styles to match any home or neighborhood

  • Interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance

  • Fire resistance

  • Energy efficiency by keeping homes cooler

  • Low weight to help preserve structural integrity and life


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Roof, Wall

Panel Coverage: 12", 16"

Rib Height: 1"

Rib Features: Snap-Seam Direct Fastened

Standard Gauges: 24 ga., 26 ga.

Like all Standing Seam Roof panels, Delta Snap provides a dependable, long-lasting, and stunning roof with a clean, linear elegance and unmatched quality. The Delta Snap is also more economical than conventional standing seam panels.

Available Material: Steel

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Roof, Wall, Liner

Panel Coverage: 36"

Rib Height: 3/4"

Rib Features: Bell top trapezoidal rib on 9" centers

Standard Gauge: 26 ga.

Optional Gauge: 29 ga.

For decades, pole barns, utility buildings, storage sheds, and light commercial construction have all relied on Ag-Panel. This exposed fastened, bell-top rib panel can be used for a variety of purposes, such as roof, wall, liner, soffit, fencing, skirting, and many others, over open framing or solid substrate.

Available Material: Steel

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Panel Coverage: 21-2/3"

Rib Height: 1/2"

Rib Features: Corrugated Profile

Standard Gauges: 26 ga., 29 ga., 30 ga.

Optional Gauges: N/A

For post-frame structures, such as horse barns, riding arenas, machinery storage, sheds, and the majority of other agricultural structures, 2.5′′ corrugated acts as the best option.

Available Materials: Steel, Weathering Steel

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5V-Crimp profile.jpg




Panel Coverage: 24"

Rib Height: 1/2"

Standard Gauges: 26 ga., 29 ga., 30 ga.

Optional Gauge: N/A

The 5V-Crimp, with a conventional "V" rib, offers details that are intended to conceal its fasteners and achieve an elegant metal roof with a clean appearance.

Available Materials: Aluminum, Steel

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DELTA provides both exposed and concealed fastener panels for roof and wall applications in a variety of colors. To see available colors, visit the Color Chart page or call our office. We also provide all the necessary trim and accessories needed to complete your project, and offer in-house roof take-offs for your convenience. Call or stop by our office for an estimate on your next metal roof or wall project.

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